Pokemon Journal: Fun at the Amusement Park!

Well this is a bit embarrassing… Due to my semi-unintentional several month long hiatus from working on the site, i kind of forget what happened the last time i played. Since then, I’ve intentionally not played any more so as to not cause any more damage to this journal than I’ve already done. With that in mind, let’s try to remember what happened as best we can.

N Sandile
Level: 22
Scraggy Darumaka Sigilyph
Level: 22 Level:22 Level: 22

When we last left our adventure, we were just about to chase a couple of Team Plasma Grunts into the Nimbasa Amusement Park. We don’t find them right away, but we do manage to run into N once again. At his suggestion we ride the Ferris wheel together in an attempt to spot the Plasma Grunts from the air. However, the ride turns a bit unpleasant as N reveals himself to be the leader of Team Plasma all along. Not only that, but upon exiting the ride N challenges us to a battle to further stall for time while the Grunts escape. I don’t remember N feeling like much of a threat, but the battle does serve its purpose of stalling for time.

Obviously, they all get away and there isn’t much more i can do about them right now. So for now, we head on into the Nimbasa Gym in an attempt to win our 4th gym badge. I don’t remember the details of the Jr trainer battles in here, but i remember it being one of the most fun Gym designs in any Pokémon game I’ve played so far. The whole gym is set up as a series of roller coaster platforms. In order to progress to the Gym Leader, you have to activate the tracks and actually ride the coasters from platform to platform. I really hope the rest of the gyms in this game can match this level of enjoyable level design.

Elesa Emolga
Level: 25
Emolga Zebstrika
Level: 25 Level: 27

After riding all the coasters, we finally make it to the Gym Leader Elesa. Again, i don’t remember much of the detail of this battle, so i can’t really comment on it much. However, i do remember that she specializes in Electric Type Pokémon, and that i don’t remember having a terribly hard time defeating her. For winning, we are presented the Bolt Badge as well as her signature move TM72 Volt Switch.

Cheren Liepard
Level: 24
Pansage Tranquill Pignite
Level: 24 Level: 24 Level: 26

With nothing left to explore in Nimbasa, we head out of town to route 5 and straight into another rivalry battle with Cheren. At some point in time he also managed to earn the Bolt Badge and once again wants to compare his team to mine. However, the results continue to be the same as he is once again easily defeated.

After that battle, Elesa catches up to us and offers some assistance in getting over to the next town. In the proccess she also introduces us to a street performer who just so happens to be the Unova Region Pokémon Champion, Alder. Alder gives us some insight into his philosophy as the Champion and encourages us on our adventure. After this, Elesa calls ahead to the next town’s Gym Leader and asks him to lower the draw bridge which connects the two towns.

With the bridge down, our path forward is open to us. But that will have to wait for the next entry. Hopefully it won’t take quite so long this time, so look forward to it soon.

Current Team:

Herdier Munna Servine
Level: 31 Level: 30 Level: 30
Swoobat Palpitoad Darumaka
Level: 30 Level: 30 Level: 30

Play Time: 20h 45m

Badges: 4

Pokédex Entries: 53

Also back from the long break is the Pokémon Art Gallery. It’s been a while, so I might be a bit rusty, but let’s see what I can turn out this time.

First up we have Eevee’s latest Eeveelution, Sylveon. Sylveon is easily the cutest of all the Eeveelutions, which should come as no surprise given the Fairy typing. This is another painting that was done with pastels like the Vulpix from last time. Personally I don’t really like using the pastels paints, but this one came out pretty good I think. I even went back and put some extra highlights which I think really made the picture pop more.

Next we have Lapras, the transport Pokémon. I’m sure many people remember getting their Lapras back in Gen 1 and have fond memories of it. Personally I like how it reminds me of the Loch Ness Monster. As for the picture, this was done in the comic style, which honestly is what I’ve been wanting to learn the whole time. I learned a lot of good shading techniques with this picture, but I’ll admit I think I got the face a bit wrong. Lapras is typically seen with a very kind and gentle face, but I feel I may have lost some of that subtlety with mine… Still, I think it came out pretty good and I’m mostly happy with it.