Pokemon Journal: The Bucket List!

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Welcome back everyone! When we left off, Professor Rowan was instructing me to run directly towards the giant explosion over at Valor Lake. Great plan professor, send the kids in first. But before we head off to our death, there are a few places I remember passing that I couldn’t explore before. Now that I have strength and surf, it’s time to go check some of them out before I die.

Oreburgh Gate

First stop on the list is Oreburgh Gate. We passed through here way back on the first day, and at the time we just ran right through it. I remember there’s a whole subfloor to the cave that I’ve never explored and now seems like a good time to go check it out. There isn’t a whole lot to explore down here, but there were some cool ramps you could use to jump over rocks on your bike. There’s also some water you can surf across to reach a small area on the west side of the floor. Not much over here, but there was an Earth Plate which almost makes this worth the trip.

Ravaged Path

Next up, let’s check out the Ravaged Path on Route 204 north of Jubilife City. Again, this was a path we just ran through earlier. On the west side of the cave is water filled path you need to surf across to get to the rest of the cave. This one wasn’t very interesting. There was a water pulse TM as well as a luck incense, but I guess I wasn’t missing much before.

Great Marsh

I guess it’s time to head back to Pastoria city and see if I can find that guy who has the HM05 Defog. I’m going to feel really stupid when I find out he’s right at the entrance and I just never talked to him… And he was right at the entrance, I just never talked to him. How did I not talk to him? He was immediately right of the entrance. I could have sworn I talked to him before. Oh well, I have it now, and I might as well hunt for some of the other Pokémon in here. Though the only new Pokémon of note I caught was a Marill. It was still worth the trip.

Sinnoh Route 213

We’re getting closer to Valor Lake now, so how about going for a swim before the end. I couldn’t surf the last time I was out this way, I wonder if there is anything interesting hiding in the water. There were a few decent trainer battles, but otherwise not a lot of interest hiding out here in the water. The only other thing I can think of is to use the Vs Seeker in the restaurant to milk some quick cash out of the rich people before I go. Unfortunately, Professor Rowan as apparently psychic and yelled at me saying it wasn’t allowed. Nothing left to do now except see what’s going on at Valor Lake I guess.

Lake Valor

It’s gone, just completely gone. The bomb was so massive that all the water was just completely blown out of the lake. The only things left are all the team galactic grunts and dozens of Magikarp. Everyone hates Magikarp and think they’re weak, but I think this is just more proof of how awesome they really are. There was a bomb that went off here that was so massive that it drained the lake and it was felt on the complete opposite side of the region. But here in the lake are a bunch of Magikarp alive and well, just slightly annoyed that they’re not in water anymore. They don’t even seem damaged in any way. That’s just so impressive how they can seem to survive virtually anything.


In the center of the lake is a cavern, which at one time apparently housed one of the 3 Legendary Pokémon of this region. Now, the only thing waiting for me is Galactic Commander Saturn. It would seem Team Galactic has already captured the Pokémon, and has plans to do the same back in Lake Verity outside my home town. But he won’t let me off without a fight, not that he posed much of a threat to me. One more Galactic Commander defeated and one step closer to bringing down this whole corrupt organization.

Lake Verity Mars









But there’s no time to celebrate now, we need to fly back home and help dawn back at lake verity. This is where my whole adventure began, back when I first picked Piplup as my starter. Now it’s full of Galactic Grunts as well as Commander Mars. I’ve already beaten her back at the Valley Windworks, and she hasn’t improved much since then. Unfortunately, we seem to be too late and she’s already managed to capture the legendary Pokémon from this lake. I’ll have to rush over to the last lake and help out Barry. What happened to us each protecting one of the lakes? At this point it seems like I’m going to be doing all the work AGAIN!

Mt Coronet

Anyway, I quick fly back to Celestic City and into Mt Coronet to head up to the final lake. Upon entering the lower levels of Mt coronet, I seem to find myself lost in yet another thick fog. I know I went and got defog, but I haven’t taught it to anyone yet. It doesn’t seem to matter though as it’s a straight path from the entrance to the exit. Maybe some other time I’ll come back and check out what was hidden in that thick fog.

Sinnoh Route 216

And here it is the snowy north of the Sinnoh region. I’ve been waiting for this since I first started. I just knew there had to be a snowy area somewhere in this region. As much fun as it is to be playing in the snow, it does cause battles to be a bit of a pain with all the hail falling after every turn. I was able to capture a Sneasel and a Snover on my journey though, so everything turned out better than expected. I even came across a cabin with an old lady in it…Though she mysteriously disappeared the next time I entered. I hope she’s ok.

Snowpoint City

Running through the snow, I eventually came to the acuity lakefront, but first a stop over at Snowpoint city to heal up my Pokémon. We’re down to the last of the 3 lakes, but it seems that’s going to have to wait until next time, it’s just too warm and cozy inside this Pokémon center to step back outside into the cold.

So thank you for following me this far, and I’ll see you again next time when we go help Barry out of another crisis.

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Current Pokémon:

Pachirisu Cherrim Drifblim
Pachirisu Cherrim Drifblim
Level: 42 Level: 43 Level: 45
Empoleon Rampardos Bibarel
Empoleon Rampardos Bibarel
Level: 43 Level: 45 Level: 40

Play Time: 36h 43m

Badges: 6

Pokédex Entries: 116

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It’s time once again for my Pokémon art gallery. Today, we’re finishing up on the novice lessons.

Charmander Art

First up, we have the fire lizard starter Charmander. I love Charmander’s design, and on my first playthrough it was hard for me not to pick him. But I’ve never regretted my decision to go with Squirtle instead.

Pikachu Art

Next up, we have the Pokémon series mascot Pikachu. I don’t think he really needs much more introduction than that. You’d have to have been living under a rock for the last 20 years to not recognize that face.


So there we have it, the final lessons of the novice art courses. Starting next time we’re at the apprentice level for some more detailed work. Come around again next time to see more art or more likely to see if we can finally take down team galactic. See you then.

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