Pokemon Journal: The End of a Journey!

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Welcome back to the final chapter of our journey through the Sinnoh region of the Pokémon world. When we left off, we were doing our final preparations before challenging the Elite Four to become the Pokémon Champion. So with everyone at a high enough level, and plenty of items, it’s time to fulfill our ultimate goal. Let’s Go!

Staraptor Barry Floatzel
Heracross Rapidash
Snorlax Torterra

Of course, there’s one last hurdle before the Elite Four. Before I can walk through the doors, Barry comes rushing in wanting one finally match before challenging the Elite Four himself. If he can’t beat me, then he has no chance against the Elite Four. The same can be said about me if I can’t beat him. Barry has done quite a bit of training since the last time we saw him, and his team is very well rounded. As strong as he has become, I’m still stronger and I’ll be the one to finally face the Elite Four.

Dustox Aaron Vespiquen
Beautifly Heracross Drapion

Barry provided a nice warm up, but now it’s time to face the ultimate challenge. The first member of the Elite Four is Aaron, who specializes in Bug Type Pokémon. Maybe ultimate challenge was a bit of an exaggeration. I didn’t know bug type Pokémon trainers could ever really be taken seriously as a threat. I’m just thinking of all the bug catchers at the beginning of the game that provided nothing more than easy experience for my starting Pokémon. Thanks to my Empoleon’s Drill Peck attack, she was able to sweep Aaron’s whole team on her own. Only Aaron’s Drapion gave us any trouble at all. We’re off to a good start.

Quagsire  Bertha Hippowdon
Sudowoodo Whiscash Golem

Next up we have Bertha, who specializes in Ground Type Pokémon. Once again we have an ideal matchup for my Empoleon. She did start off by sending out her Quagsire, who put up a good defense again Empoleon since it’s also part water type. In the end however, Empoleon was once again able to sweet her entire party on her own. Two down, two to go. We’re making good progress.

Rapidash  Flint Infernape
Drifblim Steelix Lopunny

Now we get to face off against Flint, the Elite Four member we met back in Sunyshore City. Flint specializes in Fire types, making it seem like the whole Elite Four was specially catered to people who picked Piplup as their starter. Unfortunately for Flint, the Sinnoh region is severely lacking in fire type Pokémon, causing his party to be rather random. Empoleon still took out most of his party, but this time Drifblim got in on some of the action as well. Amazing, I made it to the third member before I even had to switch Pokémon. Flint did however put up a decent challenge. His fire types might be weak to Empoleon’s water attacks, but their speed allowed them to get in some good hits before I managed to knock them out.

Mr. Mime  Lucian Bronzong
Girafarig Medicham Alakazam

This brings us to the final member of the Elite Four, Lucian. And as the final member, Lucian is the strongest of all of them, specializing in Psychic Type Pokémon. My Drifblim is just perfect for this match, but even with Drifblim’s type advantage Lucian is no pushover. His Pokémon are all near to level to my own, so even the super effective moves can’t 1-Hit-KO any of them. His Bronzong in particular was very difficult to take down with its high level and even higher defense. It took quite some effort, but we finally managed to defeat Lucian and in doing so defeated all of the Elite Four!

Spiritomb  Cynthia Gastrodon
Roserade Milotic
Lucario Garchomp

Our journey doesn’t end here however, as there is one last challenger to be faced, the current Pokémon League Champion. Wouldn’t you know it, this region’s champion is none other than Cynthia, the same Cynthia that has been helping throughout our adventures. This was actually quite a shock to me. I’ve never known any members of the Elite Four or the League Champion to actually take any actions against the horrible activities going on in the region. Cynthia puts up an amazing challenge, and this was the most exciting battle I’ve had this entire journey. All her Pokémon are equal or higher level than my own, making me an underdog right from the start. As the Champion, she also doesn’t specialize in any particular type, and instead has filled her party with some incredibly strong Pokémon. Honestly, all I can really say about this battle is that I’m thankful I’m allowed as many items as I can afford or I never would have won. The biggest challenges were her Lucario and her Garchomp. Lucario tore though a few members of my team before I managed to bring him down, and it was tough trying to recover them in the middle of battle. Garchomp on the other hand was a beast I wasn’t ready for. At level 66, she out leveled anyone in my party. Then her combination Dragon/Ground typing left me without any kind of type advantage. Every member of my party took a swing at her, but in the end it was Cherrim’s Leech Seed attack that finally did her in. I might not have been able to match her power, but I was able to stall and keep alive until her health finally sapped away and she could take no more.

Empoleon  Lucas Drifblim
Pachirisu Cherrim
Rampardos Bibarel

With that, Cynthia is defeated and I am crowned the new Pokémon League Champion of the Sinnoh Region. Professor Rowan comes to congratulate me and helps to enter my information into the Hall of Fame. It was a long hard journey, but my dreams of being the Pokémon Champion have finally been realized. I even managed to save the world and bring down a criminal organization along the way. Not bad for a 10 year old if I don’t say so myself. So thank you everyone for joining me on this journey.

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Current Pokémon:

Empoleon Drifblim Pachirisu
Empoleon Drifblim Pachirisu
Level 63 Level 61 Level 60
Rampardos Cherrim Bibarel
Rampardos Cherrim Bibarel
Level 60 Level 60 Level 60

Play Time: 62h 54m

Badges: 8

Pokédex Entries: 150

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Of course, my Pokémon adventures don’t end here. I may be the Sinnoh Region Champion, but there are other regions out there just waiting to be explored. I’m going to take a short break, but be on the lookout for my next adventure to the Unova Region with Pokémon Black & White. Thank you for following me this far, and I hope to see you in Unova!

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