Pokemon Journal: Train To Be The Very Best!

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We left off with the instructions to go check out the library, but before that we really need to train some more. All my Pokémon are a bit under leveled right now. I headed back into the Hearthome City Gym, but apparently none of the Junior Trainers will fight me now that I’ve already beaten Fantina the Gym Leader. So I’m going to head back to Celestic Town and check out Route 211 to the west. There weren’t a lot of trainers, and before long we were right back into Mt Coronet. I couldn’t explore much because I can’t use strength outside of battle yet, so I guess I’ll have to go to the library like I was told.

Canalave City

A quick flight back to Jubilife City and just a short surf from there over to Canalave City. Almost as soon as I enter the town, my rival Barry challenges me again to a match. Once again he barely poses any threat at all. After taunting me to challenge the gym, I went to the library like I was told, but nothing special seemed to happen. There were a few books on the 3rd floor that told some interesting myths and legends of the Sinnoh area, but nothing spectacular. Maybe it’s just not time yet.

Iron Island Steelix







I still need to train, and I heard people talking about the Gym Trainers using the nearby Iron Island to train, so I’m going to go do the same thing. There isn’t much actually ON the island, instead it contains an abandoned mine which many trainers use as a training ground. the mine is full of trainers as well as a few Pokémon which give pretty good experience, my favorite of which being Steelix. He was introduced back in Gen 2, and I always wanted one, but because of the need to trade evolve him I never managed to get one.

Riley Lucario







About half way through the mine I happily came upon a trainer named Riley. Along with his Lucario, he made training so much easier. He joins me in my training, turning ever fight into a double battle, as well as healing my Pokémon after every encounter. With his help I was able to train my Pokémon easily twice as fast as I would have without him. I do feel kind of bad that I had to knock out his Lucario when I wanted to catch a Steelix. He would have killed it if I didn’t. Thankfully he didn’t hold it against me.

Team Galactic Grunts Riolu







At the deepest part of the mine were a couple of team galactic grunts. I have no idea what they could possibly be doing down here, but together with Riley we kicked their asses. After our fight it would seem even they didn’t know why they were down here in the mine either, and they quickly left. In gratitude Riley gave me a Riolu egg he was carrying with him and left my party. Looks like my training is over, but I’ve done enough, I got everyone up to level 40. I wasn’t expecting the Riolu, but I’m happy to have him. Having my own Lucario would be great, but starting at level 1 would take quite a while to become useful. So it looks like she’ll be going into the computer box for now.

Onix Azumarill







With my team nice and leveled up, it’s time to challenge the Canalave Gym. I’m a little confused with the theme of this Gym though. It claims to be a steel type gym, but nearly everyone has an Onix, a rock type. Some also have Steelix which is good, but then one trainer has only a single Azumarill, a water type. What are they even doing in the steel gym with a pure water type? The layout was also pretty unusual with multiple lifts forming a somewhat complex multi level maze.

Byron Mine Badge







When I finally make it to the leader Byron, he drops the fact that he’s actually Roark’s father. I think that’s the first time that I’ve fought family members in two different gyms before. He might be better than his son, but after all that training, my Empoleon was able to solo his entire team without much trouble. This earns me my 6th badge, the Mine Badge, and finally allows me to use strength outside of battle.

Dawn Professor Rowan







Waiting for me outside is Barry again, and he has some big news for me apparently. He brings me to the library, and there on the 3rd floor are Dawn and Professor Rowan. They tell me about a legend of Pokémon living in the lakes around Sinnoh. Between Dawn, Barry, and myself we each have to investigate one of the lakes. I of course get tasked with Lake Valor all the way across the country. That means I finally get to see what kind of sick experiments are going on over there. Our conversation is cut short however as a large earthquake hits and we all leave the building to investigate.

Bikini Atoll Bomb

Go see what that is. I’ll stay here until you return.


Outside we learn that it wasn’t an earthquake at all, it was some kind of explosion over at Lake Valor. The same Lake Valor I was just sent to investigate. Not a single word was said to stop me either. Do I even need to mention that I am NOWHERE NEAR THE LAKE! It’s on the complete other side of the country. I’d to travel past at least 4 cities and pass through a mountain to get to the lake miles and miles away from where I am now. And it just had an explosion so big we mistook it for an earthquake. The best course of action is obviously to send the 10 year old to investigate this literal Earth shakingly huge explosion.

Spongebob Bomb

Before another word of protest can be said, Barry runs off on his own to investigate what happened. I’ll have to run after him to my doom as well, but I want to live for at least one more week, so I’m going to stop here for now. Come back next week when we go running head first into certain death!

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Current Pokémon:

Empoleon Cherrim Drifblim
Empoleon Cherrim Drifblim
Level: 42 Level: 40 Level: 40
Pachirisu Rampardos Bibarel
Pachirisu Rampardos Bibarel
Level: 40 Level: 42 Level: 40

Play Time: 32h 20m

Badges: 6

Pokédex Entries: 104

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Now time to explore another entry from the Pokémon Art Academy.

Bulbasaur - Art

First up is #001 Bulbasaur. The first starter of the first game and national Pokédex #001, this grass type starter is perfect for beginners. I’m not sure why people seem to dislike picking him as a starter. Personally, whenever I have all three starters in my party, I end up actually sending Bulbasaur and his evolutions into battle more often than the other two.

Victini - Art

Next we have a bit of an oddity with Victini. Introduced in Pokémon Black and White, I was actually very upset to find out I had missed the event needed to acquire him. I didn’t even hear about it until it was already over. That’s not why he’s an oddity though, I think he’s interesting for being the only Pokémon to have an entry # of 000 in its regional Pokédex.

So, another week down. Join me again next time as we run off to our death!

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