30 Minute: Dr. Mario (NES)

After a long break, we’re finally back with a new article! This time, Dr. Mario is on the scene to help fight the virus menace that is plaguing the world! But does Mario have the skills to save us? Find out in Dr. Mario (NES)!

30 Minute: The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy (NES)

Help Dizzy protect the Yolkfolk from the Evil Wizard Zaks! You’ll have to put your brain to the test as you make your way through this puzzle adventure!

The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy (NES) - Full Cover

Are you smart enough to solve all the puzzles and save the Yolkfolk? You’ll just have to see for yourself with The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy (NES)!

30 Minute: Urban Champion (NES)

This NES Black Label Classic fighting game is well worth your time. Fight against rival thugs for control of your turf in Urban Champion for the NES!

Urban Champion (NES) - Full Cover

Will you be able to defend your turf? Or will you be the one taking a dive down a manhole? Find out with Urban Champion!

Article: Gyruss (NES)

Fly through space in this unique tube shooter for the NES. Protect the universe from evil, and restore peace for all mankind in Gyruss!

Gyruss (NES) - 01

Tube shooters are a rarity, so check out what you’ve been missing with Gyruss (NES)!


Article: Gotcha! The Sport! (NES)

The NES Zapper has a new favorite game as now you can enjoy all the thrills of playing paintball from the safety of your own home with Gotcha! The Sport!

Gotcha! The Sport! (NES) - 01

Don’t just take my word for it, check out the full review for Gotcha! The Sport!

Article: Jeopardy! Junior Edition (NES)

We can’t all be walking encyclopedias, that’s what Google is for. So feel smart answering easier questions with Jeopardy! Junior Edition!

Jeopardy! Junior Edition (NES) - 01

Join me as I face off in a battle of wits against the demon children in Jeopardy! Junior Edition! (NES)